Course on Experimentation in Josef Underground Facility

a hands-on training in real applications







 Course Outline and Content

The course is aimed to provide hands-on experience in laboratory and in-situ testing of soils and rock mass. The program of the five days training is conceived to progress from laboratory to the real scale tests in the Underground facility Josef. The content utilize long term experience with real geotechnical experiments and applications.  It includes tests in a laboratory and in-situ with real tools and equipments, data collection and evaluation of results...


The course is made of the following units and totals in the range of 20 hours:

Unit 1: Geotechnical testing of soils (10 hours)

Unit 2: In-situ testing of the rock mass  (10 hours)

Detailed Learning Outcomes are reported here.


Requested Background

The learner is assumed to have basic knowledge of soil and rock mechanics (description of soils, soil composition, principal geotechnical parameters and their laboratory testing, soil compaction, water flow in soil and rock environment, excavated damaged zone, sensing of physical parameters) at least at a level of EQF Level 4.


Course fee

no fee to Annette participants


Method of Delivery

hands-on training; guiding course materials will be provided on site/ at a later stage to registered participants...


Final Examination

Practical demonstration of performance of laboratory and in-situ tests, presentation (discussion follows) of results and their interpretation.


Date of delivery

2-4 September 2019

Maximal number of participants - 8.


Course leader

Radek Vasicek

Centre of Experimental Geotechnics, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, Thakurova 7, 166 29 Prague 6, Czech Republic



Place of delivery

The Josef Underground Laboratory (map); Smilovice 93, 262 03 Chotilsko; Czech Republic


Accommodation and transport

Self organised and self paid by the attendees; for more information and advice please contact us...


Administrative contact

Dana Pacovska - pacovska@